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United States currency has not always looked like the paper money you see in your wallet today.  

In Days of Olde, our money has gone from the simplistic to some of the most impressive works of art ever seen.


Until the recent minor changes in our currency, United States Paper Money has looked almost the same for about 70 years. The Currency Gallery is A Walk Through Time with a pictorial, historical and informational tour of United States currency. 

Step back into a time in United States history when we were fighting to become a country and our currency was still based on Pounds and Pence, or when you could buy 300 acres of Oceanfront property for $300.00.  

Wouldn't it be great to own a piece of currency printed by Benjamin Franklin, or signed by a signer of the Declaration of Independance? 


Regardless of whether you are here for the historical significance or the beauty of the most stable currency in the world, and regardless of whether you are a currency neophyte or an expert, this site is designed to offer something for everyone.  

This endeavor is a lifelong task and this site will remain in a constant state of change, so stop back often and pardon our mess while we are under construction.